Nail & Cuticle Nipper

Our goal is to make the highest quality Professional scissor, cuticle nippers, manicure scissors, cuticle pushers, nail files, nail clippers, manicure kits and personal grooming kits available at NUSRAT BEAUTY. All our products in this range are especially made from the finest Japanese JJ1 410 Stainless Steel to perform beyond limits. Our range of nail & cuticle nippers includes Nail Cutters. Nail Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Acrylic cuticle nippers, Side or Arrow Point Cutters, Moon Shape Nail Cutters, Cuticle Nipper with Back Lock, Light Weight double & single spring with half Jaw, Nail Nippers Lap Joint with wire spring and more. Meticulous quality inspections at all stages of production ensure the consistently high quality. NUSRAT BEAUTY has become your ultimate source of personal grooming products.

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Nail Nippers Lap Joint

Cuticle Nipper Lap Joint with extra long straight handles. This is one of your new developments and ..

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